A Family-Focused Firm In Fairfax

Richard F. Gibbons, Jr., PLC, is committed to the idea that a family dispute does not have to destroy your family. Hardball tactics and unreasonable positions serve only to drive up litigation costs and prevent the parties from finding long-term solutions that they crafted and that are fair. Worse still, acrimony for the sake of acrimony hurts children. When emotions are running high, you should have a calm and seasoned professional at your side.

Wisdom and sound professional judgment will do more to get you through this difficult time than pure aggression. Both attorneys at Richard F. Gibbons Jr., PLC, have solid credentials and a proven track record of getting good results for our clients — without needless combat. Find out more about our lawyers by reading their biographies:

Caring, Friendly, Local

We are personable, compassionate lawyers concentrated on getting you and your family through a tough time. For any issue arising in family law, contact us at our Fairfax, Virginia, office by calling 571-732-3612 or using our online form.