Caring For Your Aging Family

Richard F. Gibbons Jr., PLC, considers the legal issues regarding the care of aging parents and other family members to be among the most difficult and challenging in family law. When your parents can no longer take care of themselves, whether physically or mentally, it falls to adult children and relatives to make decisions regarding their medical treatment, assets and future. Conflicts among family members in these situations can be devastating. If you are concerned about the way an elderly relative is treated, contact us. We will do what it takes to ensure that your family member is safe and secure.

One of our lawyers can help you:

  • Enforce an advance directive
  • Apply or contest a power of attorney
  • Petition the court to create or challenge an adult guardianship

You can count on our reputation as strong, confident trial attorneys to help you ensure the care and well-being of an elderly family member.

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